How to Set Default PDF from MS Word Web App?

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Right when customers open a PDF record from a SharePoint chronicle library that uses Office Word Web Apps Server, the default direct is to open the PDF in Word Web App. In case this isn’t the lead you need, or if your customers are encountering trouble opening PDFs on phones, you can use Windows PowerShell bearings to make PDFs open in your default PDF examination.


Set Step by Step PDF from MS Word Web App:

Stage 1: Open a raised SharePoint 2013 Management Shell

On the PC running SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Foundation 2013, open a raised SharePoint 2013 Management Shell. Pick the technique that thinks about to your server working system:

  • In Windows Server 2008 R2:
  1. On the Start menu, select All Programs.
  2. Select Ms. SharePoint 2013 Products.
  3. Pick (right-click) SharePoint 2013 Management Shell to show the other way menu.
  4. From the simple course menu, pick Run as administrator.
  • In Windows Server 2012:
  1. Swipe in from the edge of the screen to show the charms and a short time later picks Search to see all of the applications that are presented on the PC.
  2. Pick (right-click) SharePoint 2013 Management Shell to show the application bar.
  3. In the application bar, select Run as the head.

Stage 2: Run the Windows PowerShell Command

At the Windows PowerShell brief, enter one of the going with bearings, in perspective on what you have to do:

  • To adjustment the definitive with the goal that mobile phones won’t endeavor to see PDFs in Word Web App (yet various contraptions will continue to), enter the going with the course and a short time later press Enter:
    Get-SPWOPIBinding > Click ‘Mobile View’ > Application ‘Word PDF’ > Remove- SPWOPIBinding > Confirm:$false
  • To clear the coupling all things considered so that PDFs open in the default PDF watcher on all devices, use the going with:
    Get-SPWOPIBinding > Application ‘Word PDF’ > Remove- SPWOPIBinding > Confirm:$false


If you modify your point of view and later need to have PDFs open in Word Web App again, seek after a comparable framework as above, yet in Step 2, run these two headings:

  • Get-SPWOPIBinding – Application ‘Word PDF’ | Remove- Get-SPWOPIBinding – Confirm:$false
  • New- Get-SPWOPIBinding – ServerName “” – Application ‘WordPDF’ – AllowHTTP

Make sure to use your own one of a kind Office Web Apps server name as opposed to ‘’

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